How to reset your Internet browser

September 13, 2019

Web browsers are probably the most common programs used on a typical computer. From browsing Facebook to reading the news to online banking, to even using some business apps - most of our daily computer activities happen inside of the web browsers. When they misbehave, you may suspect you have viruses, but the fix is actually pretty easy!

Professional virus removal in Nelson and Richmond

August 30, 2019

“Your computer has a virus.” Caution - ignore this if you hear it from an overseas caller with a heavy accent.However, if you genuinely suspect something is wrong or hear it from computer-savvy friends or technicians, that's dreaded five words! We don’t want to come down with a human virus; we’ll feel awful and miss work. But when a virus hits our computer, we could lose valuable information or be vulnerable to attack.

Top 5 computer myths debunked

August 8, 2019

Common urban myths would have us believe alligators live in sewers or people put razor blades in kids’ candy. Common misconceptions about computers are just as persistent. Here are several IT myths debunked for your benefit.

Online gaming tips

July 25, 2019

Gaming is everywhere. It’s no longer confined to consoles and computers – with billions of people playing games on mobiles worldwide. Children and teenagers are especially interested in multiplayer online games - they do it to socialize with each other. We have put these online gaming tips for parents and grandparents. The more you know about it, the safer you can make it for your kids!

Computer Repair experts in Nelson

July 12, 2019

Computer problems happen, and many people have a friend or family member who is good with computers. Some of them really know what they are doing - especially if they are in the IT industry. Other just know enough to be dangerous!

Apple computers get viruses and malware!

July 3, 2019

Apple Macs are often seen as the more secure machine when surfing online. Apple themselves even used to run ad campaigns saying they didn't get viruses. In this article, we discuss whether this is true or not.