Remote Support

We can solve many computer issues with the help of remote support software and a phone call! You don’t have to bring the computer to us or wait for us to visit you at your house or office. Remote assistance makes solving most common issues very convenient and quick.

Compared to on-site support, remote help is more affordable. Instead of charging you our usual minimum one-hour fee, we lower it to 30-minutes, with 15 min increments after. Moreover, if you are a client with a service plan, your minimum fee is reduced to 15 minutes, or even included in your support plan!

Remote support - get help quick over the Internet

How We Use Remote Support

Remote Support is the most convenient and quickest way to resolve many computer issues

  • For one-time quick fixes, we use Teamviewer QuickSupport. Download and run it, then call us at 03 544 1995 to allow us connecting to your computer. You will see a one-time session code. After you close the program, nobody else can access your computer until you give them another session code
  • For more involved repairs, we prefer to use a full TeamViewer version. Many people already have it installed, especially if you bought your computer from us or we helped you in the past.
  • If you are using a PC with Windows, click the Start Menu (Windows icon on the bottom-left corner) and start typing “TeamViewer”. After you type the first few letters, you will see the search results and one of them will say something like “TeamViewer 14”.
  • If you are a Mac user, you can use the Spotlight feature to search for it. Press Command and Space bar at the same time and type Teamviewer. The other way is by launching it from your Applications folder, and you can get to it in two ways – either click Go -> Applications in the main menu or launch Finder and look for Applications on the left.
  • If you don’t have TeamViewer installed, you can dwnload it here
  • The full version requires two pieces to connect – your User ID and Password. The User ID typically remains the same. The password changes every time you open TeamViewer and gives us access to your computer for the duration of the repair.
  • TeamViewer gives us an ability to see your screen, remotely control your mouse and keyboard, transfer files to your computer and chat with us
  • We can also install TeamViewer unattended access module that gives us access to your computer outside of business hours – useful when a repair takes a long time to run or when we need to do maintenance and repairs without disturbing you. We will always ask your permission before connecting, of course!

Common Fears When Using Remote Support

Many of us have dealt with fake tech support scammers who typically use remote access software…

  • Remote support seems a little like leaving the back door unlocked. It can be used while you are watching the screen or completely unattended
  • We use the same software that many remote support scammers use – but our intentions are to help you. If you feel uncomfortable using it, you are welcome to bring your computer to our repair shop in Nelson or ask us to visit you.
  • Your User ID will remain the same but the password we use to login to your computer expires after we finish the repair. No one else will be able to access your computer again unless you tell them the password
  • Rather than leaving the back door unlocked, remote support is like opening the door and inviting the tech in. The door will be shut right behind them to prevent anyone else from coming in. Then, for added protection, we change the locks too.
Remote Tech Support Scammers

How Much Will It Cost Me?

Remote Support is an affordable way to fix your computer issues

Our minimum charge is just half an hour

Additional time is charged in 15 minute increments

Home User?



Minimum charge: $60

4GB plan with 120GB of data - perfect for couples or families without kids




Minimum charge: $75

Frustrated computer user

By the way, our clients with service plans can take advantage of lower service charges and discounts.

Also, the minimum service charge goes down to just 15 minutes!

Platinum service plan includes a free 15-minute remote session per month!