Scam phone call

July 16, 2021

We’ve heard from many of our customers about scam calls from their “Internet providers”. Purportedly, their Internet connection was going to be disconnected immediately unless they took some action. Last week, someone called us and they must have ignored that we answer the phone with “Hello, this is Your Computer Guy, you are speaking with… how can I help you”

Windows 11 is coming soon

July 5, 2021

Wait, what? When Windows 10 came out in 2015, Microsoft had told us it would be their last version of Windows. It has received (and will continue) regular updates for the last 5 years but clearly, Microsoft wants to shift away from it…

Laptop warranty expired repair options

June 28, 2021

Murphy’s Law says your device will go down right after your warranty expires. Avert that disaster. This article suggests some strategies to handle that situation and keep your technology up and running even out of warranty.

What to do if your email account and password is hacked

June 9, 2021

Almost every week we see people who can no longer access their email. Whether the crooks use it to send spam, access your other online accounts, or hassle your contacts, it can become a huge problem if you don’t deal with it quickly!

Remote support for your computer

May 31, 2021

Working from home, studying, budgeting, paying bills, even browsing dinner recipes all have a degree of urgency that mean dealing with a broken computer isn’t comfortable for long. We offer two options: remote repair or bring it in. Which is the best choice for you?

Make technology easier for seniors

May 24, 2021

The pandemic has changed the world. More people have been pushed online in new ways, and for senior citizens, this can be particularly challenging. Even registering for a COVID-19 vaccination requires going online in many countries. Plus, online learning, some social gatherings and booking appointments have gone virtual. Don’t add to a seniors’ social distance. Here’s how we can help seniors with their technology needs.

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