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Need help with your computer? Call for an appointment and come see us! Our shop is at 120 Bridge St in Nelson CBD, open Monday to Saturday

We can come to your office, shop or home anywhere in Nelson, Stoke, Richmond and even further! Pick-up and drop-off service available on request

Need help quickly? Many computer issues can be solved remotely over the Internet, making it very convenient for both you and us!

Computer Problems? We can help!

Is your computer running slow or freezing?

Do you have viruses, unwanted popups & ads?

Does something just seem “not right”?

Do you have a broken screen or charging port? 

Do you need help with backing up your data?

Need data recovery from a bad hard drive?

Is it time to move on and get a new computer?

Do you need help with emails, network, or Wi-Fi?

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Or, you just struggle with technology and need some help?

Chances are, you’ve probably spent hours on Google looking for potential solutions.

You may even have called our competitors and they made the problem even worse!

Our Services

We do more than just computer repairs

Blog - Why do computers break

Whether you are using your computer at home, or for business, a broken computer can be a nightmare! What a hassle – imagine the loss of time, productivity, headache, and, even more important, your documents and pictures! 

Should you upgrade or replace your computer

Sometimes, upgrading your computer makes more sense than replacing it. We can make it work better than when it ever was! You will save money, and it’s also a green thing to do, reducing the impact on our environment. 

Blog - Shopping for a new computer

Is it time to move on with the times and replace your old computer? We can help you select what’s right for your needs and budget. Our computers offer better quality, performance, reliability and lower total cost of ownership!

Blog - How to Survive A Hard Drive Crash

Imagine the horror when your computer broke down and you realize all your precious family pictures, documents, etc – all gone! We can help recover your data and prevent it with backup

Blog - New devices setup

The Internet has forever changed our daily life. If you struggle with slow and unreliable connection, want all your technology inter-connected, or protect yourself online, we can help you

Blog - Office 365 - on laptop, tablet and phone

Your business deserves a professional setup. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a small business, we can provide a personal and professional approach to your business needs

Why Choose Us?

You can count on us when you most need it!


With many years of experience, we have helped hundreds if not thousands of people. Don’t give up if your problem seems too complicated, or when our competition is unable to help. Talk to us! We’ll do it right and won’t waste your time


Computer crashes never occur at the right time. We get that. We also understand time is money, so we’ve developed processes and technologies to reduce service turnaround times. Rather than waiting days and weeks, we offer same-day repairs for many issues 


Even though we have specific business hours listed, we are flexible and will make time for you outside of our regular business hours, if needed. We offer emergency and priority service when you need it and can’t wait – even on evenings and weekends


Don’t just take our word for it

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