On-site Support

Need help with your computers or network? We can come and visit your home, office, or shop anywhere in Nelson, Richmond, Hope, Wakefield, and many other places in Tasman.

On-site computer repair is a very convenient option – you don’t have to disconnect any cables and drive to Nelson to see us. Instead, we come to you and fix the issues you have on the spot!

On-Site and Call-out computer support in Nelson and Richmond

Reasons to Choose On-Site Computer Support

Computer issues always happen at most inconvenient time! And now you have to drive somewhere to get it fixed?

Well, no need – we offer on-site and call out computer repairs!

  • Convenience. No need to disconnect all those darn cables, drive to Nelson, look for a parking spot, and after the repair has been completed, figure out where to connect all those cables again
  • Quicker turnaround time. When you are busy, the last thing you want is not having your computer available for days. We offer same day service! Running a business? Call-out is the only viable option – downtime costs you money!
  • Seeing the computer in its natural environment helps isolate the problems. Perhaps, what you thought was the computer issue, is actually caused by your network, faulty power board, or peripheral devices attached
On-site computer repair in Nelson and Richmond

Reasons to Avoid On-Site Computer Repair

Let’s be honest, not all computer issues are best fixed on-site

  • On-site support is billed hourly, however long it takes to fix your problem. Many computer issues involve a lot of waiting time – for example, operating system updates, data copy, or waiting for 3rd parties (like your provider) to do their part
  • If your computer has a hardware or physical issue, chances are, it might need extra parts. Unless it’s a common item (like a hard drive, solid state drive (SSD), or Wi- Fi adapter), it’s best to bring it in for the repair
  • If you have a very slow Internet connection, it’s better to get your computer fixed in a computer repair shop. Many software issues involve downloading updates, software packages and drivers, and slow download speed doesn’t help!
Computer repair shop Nelson

You Have Options!

Need help with your computer? Call for an appointment and come see us! Our shop is at 120 Bridge St in Nelson CBD, open Monday to Saturday

We can come to your office, shop or home anywhere in Nelson, Stoke, Richmond and even further! Pick-up and drop-off service available on request

Need help quickly? Many computer issues can be solved remotely over the Internet, so you don’t have to bring the computer to us, or wait until we come to you!