Pricing & Expectations

We keep our pricing structure simple and easy to understand with many fixed price services offered to avoid any nasty surprises.

If your particular issue cannot be solved with one of our popular fixed price services, then a time-based pricing structure is used.

Flat rate priced services

Most of the work we do at our computer repair shop in Nelson is subject to flat rate pricing. When we give you a quote on how much a certain repair will be, that's how much it will cost. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule, such as having to order extra parts, undisclosed or previously undiscovered problems, or extra work outside of the scope but that doesn't happen very often and will be discussed with you.

We also offer same-day repair for many issues. If you need your computer fixed as soon as possible, bring it to us in the morning and we will try our best to have it ready by closing time or even earlier. Same day service is subject to $100 extra fee and can only be offered if we have the right parts in stock and available time to accommodate you.

Hourly Rates

Many computer issues require time to solve and, in most cases, where the problems can't be solved by one of our flat priced services, or you need assistance on-site or in person, this will be the way to go.

We offer two levels of service. Most typical problems can be solved by our techs - such as basic training, software installs, hardware repairs, and so on.

Complex issues require expertise of Sergey - the owner. These include server issues, account problems, email and Office 365 assistance, networking (wired and wireless), etc. We will decide who gets to take care of your issues based on the information you provide.

Minimum charges

  • Phone, email, remote and in shop assistance - 15 minutes
  • On-site help (includes driving time to and from you) - one hour
15 min



30 min



1+ hour



Prepaid IT Support

Our prepaid IT support includes on-site, remote and in-shop assistance. You can purchase any amount of time required. The time doesn't expire, and we keep track of everything we do for you. After we finish helping you out, we calculate the time spent working with you and deduct it from your balance.

The more time you buy upfront - the cheaper it becomes! Instead of sending you bills for every service call, we make it convenient for both you and us. You can always check your balance in the customer's portal, see the service ticket details and download your invoices. Usually, Prepaid IT support will be handled by the owner, unless you require immediate assistance, and the owner is unavailable.

Minimum charges

  • Phone, email, remote and in shop assistance - 15 minutes
  • On-site help (includes driving time to and from you) - one hour
Prepaid Hours

$500 (save $100!)


$800 (save $200!)


$1500 (save $500!)