EoFY 2023 Sale – 20% Off For Computers And Laptops
End of Financial Year sale - 20% off laptops and computers
If you run a business or are self-employed, you know what March 31 means. It's the end of the financial year. Time to categorize all your expenses, prepare paperwork and decide what to do in the next financial year to make your business even more profitable!

It also means that these next few days are your last opportunity to minimize the tax you must pay. Ironically, you do it by spending money on business expenses and equipment, but if you need to buy something anyway, you might as well do it now! This way, you can claim those expenses earlier, making your tax obligations a bit smaller.

If you have been postponing getting some repairs done, upgrading your computer, or replacing it with something better, now is the time. Instead of depreciating assets over several years, the IRD allows an immediate tax deduction for equipment costing less than $1000 (GST exclusive).

That's why we also offer 20% off all computers in stock until April 1, 2023. We have plenty of computers under $1000 in stock, so hurry up!

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