What should you do with your old laptop - sell, dispose, repurpose?

January 12, 2021

Getting a new laptop? Here’s what you can do with your old one if it still runs, from recycling to selling – and beyond.

How to clean laptop (fans, keyboard, screen)

January 8, 2021

Take a look at your laptop. Is it covered in dust? Small scraps of hair or pet fur? Perhaps, even crumbs under the keyboard? Laptops need a good cleaning every once in a while, and we’ll talk about it in this article…

Blog - Refurbished computers save money

December 24, 2020

Can a refurbished computer be a better option than a new one? In this week’s article, learn why a refurbished system can be a good buy. And for boxing day week, we have a special deal for you. All our computers will be 30% off the regular prices – no bull! We got plenty of stock, almost three dozen of laptops, a dozen of office/home desktops, and even a few gaming computers, Macbooks and iMacs.

Computer help for your home or business

November 26, 2020

Maybe you used to be able to troubleshoot your own technology, or had a tech-savvy family member or friend who could help out in a pinch. But now that home computing has become more essential, you may be feeling overwhelmed.

hackers can use Facebook to steal from you

November 9, 2020

If you thought privacy was the only thing at risk when using Facebook, it turns out there is even more to be concerned about. Facebook can be a major tool for cybercriminals to hack accounts and steal information from others.

Local computer repair shop versus big box chain and franchise stores

November 2, 2020

Being without our computers is unsettling. We’re so dependent on our devices. So, when something breaks on a laptop or desktop you want the best help available. This article discusses why a local computer repair shop is a better bet than a big box repair depot. 

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