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The shop at Buxton Square is now permanently closed.

We are only available for remote support and on-site visits by appointment.

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Reasons to Choose Shop Drop-off Service

Unplugging the cords, driving to the city, finding a parking space, and leaving your computer for a repair isn't the most convenient experience! However, there are many reasons why it's the best solution to your problems.

  • Many computer issues involve waiting for something to happen before we can do the next step. Good news, we don't have to charge you hourly rates while we are waiting! We just leave the computers on and do something else. When the necessary steps are complete, we will get back to work on your computer!
  • Backing up data or doing a recovery, performing a diagnostics test or benchmark, and even the simple tasks such as installing updates can prolong the repair by several hours! We often leave these tasks overnight and get your computer ready the next day.
  • We have plenty of tools, spare parts, chargers, cables and everything else we need to do proper repairs. Most computer repairs don't need anything more than our skills, knowledge and occasionally a screwdriver, but when parts replacement is involved, it's best to do it away from your house or office
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Common Computer Repairs We Offer

Here are the typical computer repairs that we almost always do in our shop rather than on-site

  • Computer upgrades and Operating System reloads. These can take several hours to do properly but there isn't much labor involved. We developed tools and processes that allow us to automate most of these tasks and get them done as soon as possible!
  • Virus and malware removal. Depending on how severely your computer is infected, we may have to run several scans and each can take anywhere from 15 minutes to few hours. In some cases, it might be easier to back up your data, reinstall the operating system and then restore everything back!
  • Laptop screens, charging ports, swapping keyboards, or any other parts. These are relatively simple tasks but may require almost complete disassembly of your laptop.
  • Data Recovery. This can take anywhere from an hour to several weeks. No, we are not kidding! When you have precious data stored on a hard drive or stick, we use specialized hardware that tries to save as much data as possible. If the drive is in bad condition, it will frequently stall and slow down the process.
  • Anything involving large downloads or uploads. We have a super-fast Internet connection and if we need to do backups, big updates, or upload your data to the cloud (such as during Office 365 migrations), it's best to do it as fast as possible.
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