Windows 10 Home vs Pro vs S Mode

June 3, 2022

Windows 10 and 11 are available in several "editions". The most popular are Home and Pro. Cheaper laptops usually come with Windows in S Mode, which can also be easily upgraded to Windows 10 Home or Pro. Which one should you choose and why?

End of autumn sale - computers and laptops for 20% off

May 24, 2022

Shopping for a new computer in 2022 can be a challenge! With inflation hitting almost 10%, the ongoing supply-chain problems, and generally low inventory at retailer shops, your selection can be limited!

Going for a vacation, shop still open with limited hours

May 17, 2022

Finally, after two years of "the new abnormal", life is coming back to what it almost looked like before COVID! Travel is back! But don't worry, we can still help you with computer needs, services and sales.

Are you too old for technology?

May 11, 2022

We keep hearing from people who consider themselves too old. They're not. Don't be like them. Age isn’t the limiting factor; it’s all about attitude.

What browser should you use - Chrome, Firefox or Edge

April 22, 2022

Internet browser is probably the most important software on your computer. The most common ones are Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Which one should you choose? Let's talk about it!

Please help me recover my lost or forgotten account password

March 28, 2022

Almost every day we are asked to recover people's lost or forgotten passwords. Whether your accounts got hacked, or you simply changed and forgot the password, it's not always a trivial task. It's the least favorite part of our jobs as we can't guarantee the outcome!

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