End of 2022 Sale – 23% Off For Computers And Laptops
Happy New Year 2023
This year has been crazy, and we are glad it's almost over! We are still open during the holiday season but will be closed for a few days from January 1 to January 3. We have a 23% off sale for all refurbished laptops and computers in stock until January 4.

If you are still looking for a NY gift for you or your loved ones, this is your chance. Hurry up - limited quantities are available!

What are refurbished computers? They are business-class laptops and desktops that are meant to last much longer than the usual plastic consumer-grade stuff from big-box retailers. We replaced batteries and hard drives with new Solid State Drives, so the computers are as fast and reliable as new, if not better, due to their build quality and the parts used. We sell them with the same one-year warranty as new ones.

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