Computer Tune-Up

Is your computer running slow? Does it load a bunch of unwanted programs every time you start it? Is it running too hot and loud? Is the maintenance long overdue?

Computer tune-up-and-cleaning

Our Computer Tune-up Package

Just like your car, computers require maintenance to keep running fast and smooth! Here is what we will do...

Perform a complete computer diagnostics ($100 value!)

Check your backups, firewall, antivirus, and other security settings

Remove unwanted programs, disable unnecessary start-up items, configure background services, and scheduled tasks

Install all required security updates and update your drivers

Get rid of unwanted browser extensions toolbars, and addons, reset the security settings, and get rid of unnecessary notifications

Clean up your registry, cookies, temporary files, logs, and other junk

Blow the dust and spiderwebs out and replace the thermal compound on desktops (add $50 for laptops) - this will make the computer run cooler and quieter

Typical Cost

$ 200

Flat fee, in-shop only

But My Computer Runs OK, Why Should I Bother?

We recommend getting a tune up once a year to ensure they run to their full potential. Regular tune-ups can prevent small issues from escalating into serious problems when neglected

  • Neglecting regular checks and maintenance will make your computer obsolete much quicker! Computer Tune-up will extend the useful life of your computer, making the total cost of ownership lower over time
  • Smooth running computer leads to better productivity and responsiveness. How much time do you spend in front of it? How much of it is wasted, while you are waiting for programs to load, or clicking on annoying popups?
  • When was the last time you did the backups? When was the last time you checked whether the backups you do are actually working?
  • Cleaning out dust is important to have the computer run cool and quiet, especially if you have smokers and/or pets in your house
Annoyed computer user

When a Tune-up Is Not Enough

Computer Tune-up isn't a magic bullet that will solve your computer performance issues. It won't help if your computer is too old, takes minutes to load, still has an old mechanical hard drive, or running an outdated version of Windows

  • There are plenty of "computer optimizer" programs online, ranging from free to annual subscriptions. My opinion? It's either snake oil or outright scam. There are no "software magic tricks" that will double the speed of your computer!
  • Typical computers are designed to last three to five years. Business grade computers usually last five to ten years. In terms of human age, one computer year is equal to 10-20 human years
  • The only way to speed up a computer older than 5 years is by replacing the hard drive with SSD. However, if your computer was a "special deal, clearance model", it won't be worth it. Better save your money for a newer computer. Can't afford new? We sell refurbished computers with warranty!
AVG PC Tune UP - useless unless you pay

Programs like this usually find plenty of issues but can't fix anything unless you register and pay! It's a waste of money, usually