Computer Diagnostics

Find out what’s wrong with your computer and get an estimate on repairs. We will check your hardware and common issues like expired antivirus and lack of updates.

Computer Diagnostics

We offer a free diagnostic tool that you can download above. It quickly checks for most common software issues, like the operating system components, security settings, drivers, and software updates. We will receive a report on your computer configuration – helping us to know what model and possible issues you have before we even see the computer!

We will do a visual inspection of your computer. If your computer is too old, has physical defects like broken hinges, cracked case, or liquid damage – it may not be worth fixing. We will be upfront about it and will discuss alternatives, such as recovering your data off it, replacing with a refurbished or new computer, or referring you to companies who might better serve your needs

We will check the hard drive health and free space, internal temperature, software update logs, driver updates, the status of your firewall, antivirus, and other security-related settings, and do an inventory of currently installed software

The diagnostic fee is only for computers that you bring to our shop. It is non-refundable and covers our time and expertise to help you figure out what’s wrong with the computer. If you choose to fix the computer, we will deduct it from your final bill


$ 75


Goes towards the cost of repair