Laptop Screen Replacement

Dropped your laptop and cracked the screen? Don’t worry! We can replace your broken laptop screen, usually on the same day!

We keep the most popular screens in stock and service all major brands, including HP, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Asus, and Sony
If we don’t have a particular screen in stock, we can order it from our suppliers and get it within three business days
We can order less common screens not available in New Zealand from an overseas based supplier and get them within a week
If you need your data as soon as possible and can’t wait until we fix your screen, we can copy your most important files, so you don’t miss that important work or school assignment!
We don’t fix mobile devices (cellphones, tablets, iPads, etc) but will refer you to a company that can help you!

Typical Cost

$ 200 – 350

Bring your laptop to us for a free quote. Call us to make an appointment or just stop by at our shop during open hours

But What if Your Computer has Issues?

Our goal is to make you happy with the upgrade. We want you to experience a fast and trouble free computer for years!

This is why we only offer it for computers that don’t have major issues.

If your computer is older than three years or has problems, we offer options below

  • Complete Refresh. If your computer still works, we will back up your data, upgrade the computer with SSD, reinstall the Operating System and restore your data and important programs. Typically adds extra $100
  • Fresh start. We can upgrade any computer with an SSD and fresh install of Windows. We won’t transfer your data. Great for when you just bought the computer or can transfer data yourself, or want to sell or give the computer away. Same price as typical SSD upgrade but we will also wipe your data!
  • Data recovery. We can try to recover your data from broken computers, failed & corrupted hard drives, or virus infested systems. Contact us for a diagnostics and quote. Can take from a few days to couple weeks
Hard drive failure is imminent. Back up your data immediately and run diagnostics

Broken Laptop Hinges Repair

One of the most common laptop problems is busted display hinges. Typical consumer grade laptops are usually made with cheap plastic, making them very difficult to fix. Usually, repairing this issue isn’t worth the cost and hassle

Typical laptop sold in retail shops are not designed to last beyond two or three years of constant use, drops and accidents. The hinges are usually strong but the plastic surrounding them is weak, and once it breaks, the only permanent way of fixing the issue is by replacing the bottom part of the laptop. If the laptop is more than a few years old, it’s very difficult to find parts for them and even if we can, they are going to have the same problem, sooner or later!

There is a cheap way of “fixing” the issue, but it’s ugly and probably not going to last long – epoxy glue! We don’t recommend it though. Hinge repair is not worth it! Instead of spending money on the laptop already past its intended useful life, it’s better to upgrade to a more reliable and sturdy computer, preferably business grade – they are built to last, and repairs are easier if something goes wrong!

Broken laptop hinge - plastic bottom case

Touch Screen Repair

If you have a laptop with a touchscreen (commonly called 2-in-1), replacing a broken screen can get really expensive!

Laptops with touch screens are usually more expensive, heavier, have a worse battery life, and much more difficult to repair. Typically, a touch screen consists of a sturdy frame, screen itself, digitiser, and protective glass. These are all glued together and usually very difficult to separate.

If only the glass or digitiser broke, it’s possible to disable the touch capability. You will still have the cracks in the screen, and eventually, they may damage the screen as well, but at least the laptop will be usable in the short term!

A proper way of fixing it is by replacing the entire top assembly, but it’s usually at least double the cost of a traditional laptop screen replacement. We don’t keep any touch screen assemblies in stock but can sometimes find them from New Zealand based suppliers. More often, they have to be ordered from overseas and it extends the repair time by two to three weeks…

Glass cracked on a touchscreen laptop but the screen intact