Reinstalling Windows is usually the quickest way to resolve most software problems with your computer, especially if it’s a few years old. We will install all drivers, updates, useful software like a free & open source Office suite, and best – no bloatware at all!

By starting over with a clean copy of the operating system, we can remove bloatware, get rid of unnecessary startup programs, optimizers, and toolbars, wipe out malware, and fix other system problems
Selling or giving away your computer? You can do a factory reset and then spend hours removing bloatware and installing updates... or take it to us, we can do it more efficiently!
For an extra fee, we can also back up your data and restore on the new system. We call it a complete refresh and it's the best way to revive your aging hardware for less than half the price of a new computer!

$ 150

Includes all updates, drivers, useful software, and speed optimization

Extra if you need a license, data transfer, or extra software installed

Why Windows Slows Down Over Time

The leading cause of computers that slow down over time is installing junk software and not removing what you don't need. The upside? You can probably make a cup of coffee while it's loading and do a few chores around the house!

  • Startup Programs. How long does it take for your computer to load all of those programs and icons in the taskbar that you rarely use?
  • Plugins and Services. Many programs add extra pieces of software that runs in the background - some of them are necessary but most are not
  • Heavy Antivirus Suites. These are usually the worst offenders. "Premium" editions often come with extra features that you probably will never use
  • PC cleaning tools. Most of these are scams. They will often slow down your computer and then claim that a premium paid version can help you speed it up.
  • Browser Toolbars. Unnecessary extensions clutter up your screen and make web browsing slower and more annoying. They can even spy on what you type!
Computer taking forever to load

How To Prevent Windows From Slowing Down

To keep your Windows system running like new, you need to take proper care of it. A well maintained system can run for years without letting you down or slowing down to a crawl

  • Install only software you’ll use. The more programs you have installed and running, the more resources they need.
  • Pay close attention when installing software. Avoid installing extra toolbars, extensions and free trial versions, unless you know you need them
  • Occasionally use tools like Disk Cleanup (free, comes with Windows) or CCleaner to remove the temporary files, cookies, logs, and obsolete updates
  • Take a proper care of your browser. Don't install unnecessary extensions
  • Disable unnecessary startup programs. In Windows 10, it's done by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del. Launch Task Manager, click the Start-up tab and disable everything you don't recognize
Avoid installing toolbars

Avoid toolbars and other junk. Uncheck all checkboxes and be careful when clicking Next!

So, When Does Reinstalling Windows Become Necessary?

There are a few cases when reinstalling Windows is the best course of action

  • You are planning to sell or give away your computer. You can make it ready for a new owner by wiping Windows and starting fresh
  • Your computer has persistent issues, errors, and often crashes with a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)
  • Your computer is full of junk and it seems like it's easier to just start from scratch! You could spend hours removing bloatware and junk and still have issues
  • Your Operating System is corrupted, outdated, or no longer supported. Windows 10 is the best operating system to date and will receive support for years to come
Installing WIndows 10 screen