Virus & Malware Removal

No one is immune from getting a virus or malware on their computers. They make your computer run slower, display ads, redirect search results, or steal your passwords. The nastiest kind of viruses called ransomware can delete or encrypt your data!

Sergey is a Certified Malware Removal Specialist and can help clean up your computer and protect it from getting infected again!

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Signs of a Malware Infection

Viruses usually make computers acting weird. All of a sudden, you get lots of popups, ads, or strange programs opening at startup and claiming your computer has issues

Some viruses will change your search results and direct you to nefarious websites. You might be searching for something and get completely different results after clicking links!

Others make themselves invisible and steal your banking details and logins. If you notice that your passwords no longer work, or bank statements showing suspicious transactions, it's time for a check-up!

The worst kind of virus is called ransomware. They encrypt your data and lock your computer until you pay the criminals a ransom, usually in Bitcoin. No guarantees, you are dealing with crooks after all!

$ 250

Includes complete virus cleanup, tune-up and optimization, and one year license for enteprise-grade antivirus

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Your Antivirus Might Be Failing You!

Relying on an antivirus program is usually the last layer of defence! AV-test estimates a whopping 12 million new malware variants are released every month. It is no wonder that antivirus can't keep up!

According to security researchers, it takes an average of two days for at least one antivirus scanner to detect a new malware sample. The way most antiviruses work is by updating their signatures. When a suspicious file contains code used by a known virus, the file gets flagged as malware.

A major study conducted in 2014 found that in the first hour from the release of a new malware sample, only 30% of all antiviruses identified new files as a threat. After a day, the detection rate increased to 66%. The improvement continued, and after one week 72% of the malicious database entries were labelled as a threat.

Common Ways of Getting Infected

There are countless ways computers can get infected by viruses. Most often they fall under the five categories below

  • Opening attachments or links from unknown or spoofed emails. Watch out for unusual emails urging you to open a link or take action immediately
  • Downloading software, music, and movies from malicious sites. Always go to official websites and avoid pirated and cracked content
  • Online Ads. Criminals often place clean ads on trustworthy websites and after they establish credibility and trust, replace the ads with malicious links
  • Social media. Be careful when clicking on links even if your trusted friends sent them. Their accounts might be hacked
  • Outdated software. Older versions of Microsoft Windows, Office, Adobe Acrobat and Java make the job of cybercriminals much easier!
Common ways of getting infected with viruses and malware

Our Virus and Malware Removal Service

We can help you scan and clean your computer. Our service also includes a full tune-up and optimization of your computer. We will install an ad blocker, DNS filtering, and provide a one year license for an enteprise-grade antivirus!

After we have got rid of all the nasty infections, we will also do a full tune-up of your computer to make sure it runs at full speed and isn't bogged down by junk programs and utilities.

Things like system optimisers, registry cleaners, driver updaters, etc., usually come with a paid subscription that keeps going up in price every year. Worse, after they have taken your money, you probably won't notice any speed improvements. We will get rid of them and make sure your system is as clean as possible.

We will also install the best antivirus for your system. For Windows, it's Emsisoft Anti-Malware. For Macs, it's Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. These protect your computer in real-time and make sure you don't get re-infected again. Our service includes full cleaning, tune-up, and one year license for the antivirus. We will send you a renewal notice after the 1st year to make sure the protection doesn't lapse.

Then we will install an ad blocker and add DNS filtering to automatically block reported malicious websites.

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Malwarebytes Premium for Apple Mac OS X

Comprehensive Protection Plans

Want to sleep better at night, knowing that your computer and data are well protected? Our service plans are for you!

The best way to make sure your computer runs trouble free for years and remains reliable and fast is by doing proactive maintenance, layered security approach and making sure your important data is always backed up.

We offer service plans and they provide you with a piece of mind - all for a price of coffee or two per week. We will make sure your computer is well protected, your system has regular updates, your data gets backed up, and if you need help with something, we are happy to answer your questions at no cost.

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