Delivery & Home Setup

Got a new computer and need help setting it up? We can connect all the cords, transfer data, install programs you need, and make sure your computer is connected to all your home devices, like WiFi, printers, scanners, and even other computers!

Computer desk at home
We can back up data from your old computer and restore on the new one. It may take several hours and better do it at our shop
We can then bring your new computer to your home, office, or shop and connect all the necessary cords and equipment
We will connect to your wired or wireless network, configure printers and scanners, and set up your email accounts
We will load and configure antivirus, and set up backups. If you want to sleep better at night knowing your data and computer are safe, we recommend our service plans

Typical Cost

$ 300

Includes data transfer and up to one hour of on-site visit.

Travel charge (outside of Nelson city) is extra

Data Transfer

When you are ready to replace your old computer, we can back up or recover data from your old computer

  • To save time and your money, we prefer that you first bring your both new and old computer to our shop. We can then transfer data – your documents, pictures, music, videos, bookmarks, emails, and even background picture!
  • It can take several hours – and we don’t have to charge you to sit and wait for the transfer to complete!
Transfer data from old computer to new