Back to School Sale – 21% off all laptops and desktops!
Back to School sale on laptops and desktops
Shopping for technology for school in 2021 a unique challenge. Will the classes continue as normal? Will there be more emphasis on distance learning at home? Whether you're a student yourself or the parent of a student, we'll help you choose exactly what you'll need across computers, printers, security software, and much more. And if you are still looking for a laptop - we have a 21% off sale for the next week!

Laptops for your school-age children are now more essential than ever. With a lot of learning happening online, a portable PC will be an essential tool for homework and attending virtual classes. Staring at a screen, alas, will be the new normal for many. And that means, in general, a bigger screen will help a lot.

Plus, your kids will likely want to use the laptop for more than just learning, especially if they are stuck indoors more than ever. Discord groups, video hangouts, and playing video games are all possible even on laptops. Side activities like these are essential to staving off boredom and keeping the peace. 

With so much time likely to be spent online, you’ll need to find a laptop that can do everything your kids ask of it without breaking your budget. Our advice is to not look for the cheapest laptop you can find. Most laptops under $1000 are slow, frustrating to use, have dull screens, and won't last more than a few years.

Decent laptops with good overall performance and reliability usually start at around $1500 mark or so. If you are looking for a gaming laptop, add an extra $1000. There is a reason why Apple doesn't make sub $1500 laptops - it just won't be good for their reputation and image.

What if you don't want to spend that much but still want something decent? Consider refurbished laptops! We sell them at our shop in Nelson and have a 21% off sale for the first week of February. All our computers have Solid State Drives for faster performance, Windows 10 or MacOS with all useful software installed, and even an Office Suite!

These laptops have been repaired and tested by us, with old and worn out components like batteries and fans replaced. Most of the computers we sell are business-grade models built to last, so chances are, they will outlive cheaper plastic new laptops. And the best part - we sell them with one year warranty, same as new. In the unlikely event, they need a repair, we can fix them quickly here instead of sending to a repair depot somewhere in Australia!

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