Operating During Level-4. Work from Home Services and Devices are Available
COVID-19 Level 4 Open for Essential Support
Hearing the news yesterday didn’t really surprise us. We have been incredibly lucky over the last few months with some very real near misses. It’s probably not the last time we are in a lockdown. Many people will need help with working from home setups, distance learning and possibly replacing their outdated tech with something that works. We will be available to perform essential work remotely and limited repairs at our shop.

During the Level 4 lockdown, our hours and availability will be limited. If you need help, you must book an appointment. They will be limited to remote support and shop drop-off and pick-up services. No on-site visits are allowed.

We are also allowed to sell computers and laptops. As mentioned before, no personal interaction is allowed. If you need help discussing your needs, you can email or call us.

If you come to drop off your computer or pick it up from us, you must wear a mask, scan the QR code on our door, and leave your computer at the door. We can then bring it in for a repair. Payments must be done online (either Internet banking or credit card), but as the last resort option, we can accept contactless payments through the glass door with our EFTPOS machine.

If you are unwell or know anyone in your personal bubble who has COVID-like symptoms, please stay home.

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