Blog - Is your Home Wi-Fi keeping up

June 24, 2018

Wi-Fi has forever changed the way we live, work and play. We can surf the internet on the couch or by the pool, look up a recipe in an instant, and even connect our lights to voice control. It’s no wonder it was accepted with open arms, but is your Wi-Fi as good as it needs to be?

Blog - Fake invoice attachment

June 17, 2018

People around the world are being struck with a cyber-attack that sends victims a fake invoice or a bill from online service, such as iTunes, Amazon, Spark, Vodafone, etc that looks real enough to fool many unsuspecting users. It’s an old scam that used to see bills faxed or mailed in, but it’s made its way into the digital world and instances are on the rise.

Blog - Shopping for a new computer

June 10, 2018

Shopping for a new computer is fun but it can also be overwhelming. In this article, we share the many ways we can help you with your new purchase.

Shutdown or sleep on a laptop

June 3, 2018

Most homes are trying to reduce power costs by turning off lights and appliances, but do the same rules apply to computers? After all, it requires more than flicking a switch on your way out the door. Some people believe you should shut down after every use to save wear and tear, others believe you should never shut down your computer – ever. Others simply want to make sure the pages and apps they left open are still there waiting for them. So, who’s right and what are they really doing?

Blog - Hackers Infected Over 500k Routers Worldwide

May 28, 2018

Emergency security alert! In the last two weeks, some crooks from Russia hacked more than 500,000 routers from around the globe. You can read about it here with more details but here is a simple recap of what happened, what you can do, and why you should care.

Blog - How to Survive A Hard Drive Crash

May 27, 2018

There’s been a massive digitization of the population, which despite keeping everyone entertained and connected, comes with one gaping flaw – a hard drive crash could wipe out your data in an instant. Nobody’s immune, even grandparents routinely rock the latest smartphones and post on Facebook. Nearly all schoolwork is done on computers or tablets, ebook sales far outstrip their paper cousins, and photo printing is a rarity.

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