Alternatives to Old Microsoft Office Suite

For many years, Microsoft Office has been a de-facto standard for making documents, spreadsheets, and presentation. Almost every computer user knows what Word, Excel, and PowerPoint do. Microsoft Office is installed on probably half of the world’s computers. However, the older versions of it are becoming outdated, and you may be wondering what you could use instead… After all, if you want to upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Office, it will cost several hundred dollars. Do you need it? Maybe. Can you do without it? Perhaps!

Why is My Brand New Laptop So Slow?

Your old computer is beginning to slow down. So, you invest in a shiny new laptop. The clouds part and the sun shines down on this bright and lovely new device. Everything will be faster and easier. Only, from the first day, the new laptop is lagging. Why is it running so slow? One of these might be the reason.

Security alert – three US-based antivirus software packages BREACHED! Are you using them?

Last week, there were numerous reports that several major antivirus companies have been hacked. It’s all revealed now – Russian hackers breached Symantec (Norton Antivirus), TrendMicro, and McAfee products used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. TrendMicro, in particular, is very popular in New Zealand. If you bought your computer from Noel Leeming, chances are, you are using TrendMicro for your antivirus.